Through the discourse of conceptual art, I engage with and reactivate lapsed artifacts of writing technology. The objects I retool and reorder are the outdated paraphernalia of our communication systems, moribund writing tools and their technologies. I examine these obsolescent objects as a method of exploring the gap between our tools of communication, conventional language structure and corporeal experience.

My visual arts practice verges on the archeological. In restructuring the tangible ephemera of our material cultures objects of writing, the work obliquely explores designed obsolescence. From the intimate to the infrastructural, from closets to landfills, we are hemmed in and engulfed by the debris of our outdated tools, the technological “abandon ware” of our implements of communication. These evocative relics are simultaneously forensic evidence of our relentless impulse to communicate and a notation on technological morbidity.

Curriculum Vitae


2012-18PhD Candidate Doctorate of Philosophy Degree Program, Cultural Studies, School of Graduate Studies, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario. 2010

Master of Fine Arts Studio Arts. Concordia University, Montreal. 2008

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, Textiles. Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary.2006

New York Studio Program. The New School at Parsons,New York Exchange Scholarship, Deans List.2.

Teaching Experience

Performing/Architecture/Performing. McGill University

2019 Architecture: 303 with Andrew King

2018 Architecture: 303 with Andrew King

2017 Architecture: 303 with Andrew King

2016 Architecture: 303 with Andrew King

2015 Architecture: 303 with Andrew King

2014 Performing Architecture with Andrew King Carleton University

2014 Performing Architecture Co-teaching with Andrew King McGill University.

2013 ARCN 2106 Introduction to Multimedia Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University.

2013 Architecture 303 co-delivery of first half of term with Andrew King School of Architecture McGill University.

2012/13. Professional Practice Seminar Curriculum Development. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Queen’s University.

1994-95 Berlitz School of Languages English as a Second Language Instructor Ku’dammBerlin, Germany.

Project Partnering

2018 – 2022. La Place des Montréalaises Project Partner Angela Silver+ LEMAY+ SNC LAVALIN Charge des Commemoration international landscape design competition winner

Solo / Collaborative Exhibitions and Performances

2019 Feminine Hours Architecture Gallery room 114 Macdonald-Harrington building Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture March 25-April 5.

2016 Echolalias solo exhibition OPENSTUDIO Toronto, February.

2011 Erratum Performance Friday Night in the Club, Banff Centre for the Arts October 14.2011 Word Powered Art Wordfest

2011 Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival.

2010 ARTSPACE performance, installation and residency Peterborough, Ontario. October –November.2010 BANK ON ART Queen St. West Bank on Art ATM, 952 Queen St. West, Toronto. April –May.

2010 Pneuma MFAGallery Montreal, Concordia University.

May 12-29. 2009 Palimpsest/Palimpseste Atelier d”Estampe Engramme Quebec CuratorPenelope Stewart

November2009 Tercet DAC Dumbo Arts Under the Bridge Festival Brooklyn, New York.Sept.

25-27.2009 Tercet DARE-DARE Off Biennial Project-Montreal

May 22-31. 2009 Anastrope Performance Frame 301 Gallery,

2009 Accretion Performanceone month drawing and ResidencyFOFA Gallery Concordia University, Montreal

2009 Accretion Performance Montserrat College of Art, Beverly,Massachusetts. April-May.2008 Amanuensis. M: ST4. Mountain Standard Time Festival of PerformanceTrionan Gallery/ Southern Alberta Art Gallery

2008 Etym Services Canada Pavilion Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

2006 Blindwriting Performance, Open Studio programmatic offering for NuitBlanche / Toronto

2005 Scenography with Andrew King. YYZ Gallery, Toronto

2005 Romaluxwith Andrew King Arch2 Gallery, University of Manitoba.

2004 Romalux with Andrew King. Stride Gallery, Calgary

2004 Romework Marion NicollGallery, Alberta College of Art and Design

2002 Scrim with Andrew King. PLUS 15 installation artcity Calgary.

Juried and Group Exhibitions

2017 extratextual curated by Lisa Baldiserra and Joanne Bristol. CONTEMPORARY CALGARY, Aug 31-Jan 21,2018.2015-16 CODEX work Abecedarian Gallery Denver, Colorado.

2015 Beyond Words; Contemporary Book Art 2015 Foot Arts Centre.Golden Colorado.

2013 Formerly Exit Five: Portable Monuments to Recent History. Curated by Shauna McCabe, Grand Prairie Art Gallery

2012 King a Architecture exhibition. McGill University Montreal

2011 Cinema Pacific Design Centre, Los Angeles, CA2010 PAGES: Book as Medium, Venue and Catalyst. Paragraph Gallery,Kansas City, Urban Culture Project Space

2010 Formerly Exit Five: Portable monuments to Recent History.Curated by Shauna McCabe, Kenderdine Art Gallery

2010 Fibreworks 2010. Jurors Catherine Heard and David.H Kaye Cambridge Galleries, Waterloo, Ontario

September 11-October 31.2010 ITAB 2010. International Tech Style Art Biennial SanJoseMuseum of Quilts and Textiles. Jurors Steve Dietz, Matiltada Mcquaid, Dr. Narinder Kapany, Carole Collet

August 17-October 31.2010 SPOREN/ TRACKS Texteil X Leiden Festival 2010,Textile Research Centre Leiden, Netherlands.

March 24-28 2010 Motelisation Foreman Art Galley of Bishop’s University. Sherbrooke, QC Curated by Genevieve Chevalier.

2009 lost highway CHARTS digital

2009 Timeoff Art Mur Gallery, Montreal.

2008 Fibreworks Cambridge Galleries, Ontario

2008 Imagineacity: Architectures for Creativity, Curated by Shauna McCabeOwens Art Gallery Mount Allison University.

2007International07 Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia.International07 Mint Museum of Craft, Charlotte, North Carolina

2007 FiberartInternational07.Pittsburgh Center for the ArtsJurors; Dorothy Caldwell,Naomi Kobayashi Lois Moran

2007SelectionsfromtheFibre Collection.Cambridge Galleries/Design atRiverside.

2007 ditdahditdit Truck Gallery exhibition with Kyle Beal, Chris Gillespie

2007 Hit or Miss Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary.

2006 Informal Bookworks, Visual Studies Gallery, Buffalo, SUNY2006 Fibreworks

2006 Cambridge Galleries, Jurors Aggie Beynon, HeidiOverhill, Vessna Perunovich.

2006 Next Harbourfront Center, Toronto.

2006 Informal Bookworks Open Studio, Toronto.

2006 Graduating Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art andDesign, Calgary2006 Blindwriting Performance When is it for? AICAD Studio, New York

2006 Generations 5 Group Exhibition A.I.R. Gallery, New York

2005 Innovations Opie Gallery, Leedy -Voulkos Art Centre, Kansas City

2005 Alberta Biennial for Contemporary Art with AndrewKingWalter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre /Edmonton Art Gallery, Installation

2004 Itinerate Images Pratt Institute Gallery, Rome

2003 LRTLUX spread with Andrew King selected for installation proposed LRTintervention censored.

2003 aka recent works Epcor Centre for the Arts, Calgary

2003 Thread with Andrew King. Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for theArts

2003 Thread with Andrew King. Design Gallery, University of Calgary

2002 Imaginary Architecture with Andrew King M.A.D.E. Gallery Edmonton.

2001 Resilience, Design Gallery University ofCalgary.2001 building/art artcity 2001 Institute for Modern and Contemporary Art Calgary

2001 five conditions Berlin

1991-96 installation with Andrew King and ScottPavan Design Gallery University of Calgary.

1999 2mthsBudapest form/ politic 3.Design Gallery, University of Calgary.5.Artists Talks and Academic

Presentations at Conferences

2019 Ouss qu'on s'en va? colloquium a student-run collaboration between the architecture schools at Université Laval, Université de Montréal - McGill March 31, 2019

2017,October World Design Summit Montreal. PERFORMINGARCHITECTUREPERFORMING with Andrew King

2015 NEMLA Northeast Modern Language Association 46thconference,Toronto

2014 September 18-20 Art in Translation University of Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Archaeologies of Inscription

2013 Media Conference, Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University

2013 Aesthetics of Dissent, DAGSE Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, Department of EnglishDalhousie University

August 16-18.2013 Archaeologies of Inscription (Re):Activating Objects Social Theory andMaterial Culture Conference Department of Visual Arts, Western University

March 1 -3. 2012 Censorship, Fourth Year professional practice Seminar, BFA Queens University2012 Artist Talk Seminar Series PHD Cultural Studies Queens

University October 6, 2012 Artist Presentation Third year Sculpture and new media students BFA Queens University

2012 Artist Presentation Third year intermediate FA New Media studio BFA Queens University

2012 Artist Presentation Masters level Architecture students McGill University,

January 2012 Artist Talk Seminar Series PHD Cultural Studies Queens University Oct 6,Artist Presentation Third year Sculpture and new media students BFA Queens University 2012

2012 Artist Presentation Third year intermediate FA New Media studio BFA Queens University

2012 Artist Presentation Masters level Architecture students McGill University, January.

2011 Word Powered Art Artist Talk Introduced by Nancy Tousley October 14 Stanford Perrott Lecture Hall Alberta College Of Art and Design and WORDFEST Calgary

2008 2007Artist Talk Studio Arts Fibre concentration BFA Concordia UniversityArtist Talk Studio Arts Fibre concentration BFA Concordia University

2007/08 Teaching Assistant, Papermaking, Fibre Department BFA level Concordia University 2007 Artist talk and Studio Visits undergraduate level Art Department University of Calgary6.

Awards/Scholarships/Grants and Fellowships

2014-16 Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2013 Louise Fowler Fellowship, Queens University

2012 Robert Sutherland Award, Queens University

2012/13 Queens Graduate Award

2010 The Jurors Award Fibreworks

2010 Jurors Catherine Heard David Kaye, Cambridge Galleries

2009/10 Visual Arts Project Grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts

2009/10 Campaign for a New Millennium Graduate Scholarship, Concordia University

2009/10Power Corporation of Canada Graduate Fellowship,Concordia University

2008/09 Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Social Sciences Humanities Research Council

2007/09 J.W. McConnell Memorial Graduate Fellowship, Concordia University

2007/08 Visual Arts Project Grant, Alberta Foundationfor the Arts

2008 Honorable Mention Award Fibreworks 08 Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ontario

2007 Canada Council Travel Grant2006 Honorable Mention Award Fibreworks 06 Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge,

2006 Teatro New York Studio Prize.For study at The New School awarded through Alberta College of Art and Design

2005/06 Visual Arts Production Grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts

2005/06 The Kathleen and Russell Lane Canadian Art Award, Calgary Foundation

2005 Ignac & Karla Herskovic Memorial Travel Scholarship, Alberta College of Art and Design

2005 Mollie Mabie Memorial Award, Alberta College of Art and Design

2005 Fibre Major Special Project Award, Alberta College of Art and Design

2004 Wilfred and Elsie Perrott Scholarship, Alberta College of Art and Design

2003 Philomena Award, Alberta College of Art and Design

2003 Homesteaders Legacy Scholarship, Alberta College of Art and Design

2002 Illingworth Kerr Travel Scholarship, Alberta College of Art and Design

2002 Visual ArtsProject Grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts7. Public CollectionsRed Thread Book, Cambridge Galleries Fibre Collection, Cambridge, Ontario8.


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